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The true beauty of Bali is a state of mind;

expressed in an attitude of harmony.



This is not difficult because of the phonetic spelling, except for “c” which is pronounced “ch”.

Vowel Sounds

a as in the “a” of father, but shorter.

e as in the “e” of bet (enak).

e as in the “a” of sofa (ke, empat, emas).

e as in the “a” of take (sen-signal).

o as in the “oa” of coat (kopi-copy).

o as in the “o” of soft (kopi-coffee).

u as in the “u” of put (susu-milk).

Vowel sounds receive equal stress. The final k or t in a word is sometimes very short indeed, almost so that it is hardly heard; bapak, anak, cicak, becak, are a few examples of this.

Bahasa Indonesia - the official language of Indonesia. It is the language of formal education although many traditional languages are spoken throughout the archipelago. Bahasa Bali is the traditional language spoken among the Balinese people.

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