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Page 23

Mades Homestay

lovely brown maiden so shy and demure

so straight is your carriage

of limb sound and true

sweetness and sunshine’s the aura of you

her friend emerges from the shadows so dim

slowly they walk with their arms intertwined

softly they speak with a smile now and then

greetings called often to people they know

as I amble behind them and happily so

we are walking the gang to find a retreat

a sign, ‘mades homestay’ they enter

and I follow inside

from Made the proprietor a welcoming smile

Six years is it nyonya since you have been here

do you remember Sarini

has she not grown

from a child to a woman

the years have just flown.

selamat datang nyonya

for your room special price

12,000 rupiah

the view very nice

I respond to her offer

12,000, rupiah

your price is too high

she shrugs her plump shoulders

and emits a feigned sigh

then chuckles contented

as we haggle the price

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