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For my beloved husband Rodney in appreciation for your unending patience and enduring love.

How better to tell a tale from Bali than through the beautiful colours and vision of the many talented artists from an enchanted isle. The works can be purchased through the numerous galleries in Bali.

Pamela Hardy, Brisbane, 2004.


It all began long years ago when Batara Indra, the chief of the lower gods of Bali, was sitting on the top of a hill, which had been given to him for his home.

M. Gina

He had been drinking deeply, and was looking down from the heights upon the land below when suddenly he was no longer at ease. As it wasn’t right that his sacred water should be lost he raised his voice and called out to the beasts in the woods around him:


Wy Gandra

“Whosever of you shall drink will give birth to a girl!” The beasts heard his cry and hurried towards him,


Ady S

the first to arrive being an old sow that was rooting near by. She drank, and in time was rewarded by giving birth to a girl.


I Wy Lantir

Just as the god had promised.

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