Puteri Laut (Mermaid) - by Pamela Hardy 2003

This work is available for purchase. The size is 36" by 60" which equates to 915mm by 1520mm in metric. The medium is oil on canvas and the asking price is 9450 Australian Dollars negotiable (inclusive of shipping and insurance). Interested parties should contact Pam by email (see contacts).


Balinese say to their children each day

you must never wear blue and green

for these are the colours of Lara Kidulshe will steal you away if she can

beware my child take care my child

for there’s monsters and demons all manner of evil . . .

always look to the mountains high

and stay on the land in between

hear what I say be careful don’t stray

stay away from the Queen of the Sea

she will beg you to play

and then take you away

forever to sleep in the watery deep

anak you must listen to what I say

take care my child, beware my child

never wear blue and green

*This story or kidung (song) is based on a legend told about Kangjeng Ratu or Nyai Lara, Goddess of the Southern Ocean.